September 2014 Minutes

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Wyoming PTA Minutes

Date: 9-18-14

Prepared by: Amber Setter

Participants–Board Members

Tina Tong, President Amber Setter, Secretary

Sara Brabec, Vice-President Jen Brady, Treasurer


Kathy Wright Diane Dummer Andy Stoyke Jill Krautkremer Shayna Navara Lynn Bormann


Lisa Stang Angie Nickles Nan Renstrom

Stacy Jones Pamela Johnson Kim Anderson

Detailed Notes

  • Meeting called to order at 6:02
  • Introduction of all present
  • Review of May minutes.  Motion to approve by Andy S.  Seconded, Pamela J.  Approved.
  • Treasurer’s Report.  Review of current budget.  We carried over $25,000 this year.  Usually we carry over $12,000.
  • Presentation by PBIS-Positive Behavior Intervention System Staff
    • New program that will begin implementation in cafeteria this year
    • Students receive ROAR ticket for excellent behavior
    • Teach the behaviors we want to see:  proactive not reactive
    • All across school by next year–bus, classroom, cafeteria
    • Team is being trained and finishing details for implementation
    • Team members:  Jill Krautkremer, Shayna Navara, Julie Lessard, Heidi Weiberg, Aimee Ferguson, Kristin Anderson, Christie Hogan, Lynn Bormann
  • Fine Dining Program part of PBIS
    • Students receive ROAR ticket for exemplary cafeteria behavior
    • Tickets go into drawing for seat at Fine Dining Table once a month
    • Table winners also receive a small prize
  • MobyMax is a computer-based learning program requested by Carrie Pulczinski and Christie Hogan for use by the entire school.  Allows students to work on math, reading, variety of subjects at their own pace. Students can use it on iPads, computers, at school and home.  Motion to approve $600 for Mobymax purchase by Andy S.  Seconded by Pam J.  Approved.  PTA requests that teachers who use it inform parents on how to access the program at home.
  • Teacher Update – Kathy Wright
    • Request for Wyoming Elementary School Banner.  Check Excellence banner.
    • New flexible outdoor signs for use at Bingo and Carnival.  Will report next mtg
    • Will popcorn Fridays return? Yes.
    • Any PTA information given in Friday folders needs to go to all staff.  Use the staff listserve.
    • Special ed requests two smart projectors.
    • SAC would like exclusive parking at our events that begin before SAC ends.
  • Dairy Queen fundraiser after Open House raised $121.  Will continue this as a monthly event.
  • Principal Update:
    • Thank you for organizing new storage and shelving purchase.
    • PTA board in lobby is a good addition to school.
    • Kindergarten gift book from PTA and welcome packet was well-received.
    • Thank you for defraying calendar/handbook cost.
    • 630 students enrolled this year.  26 classrooms and 2 preschool options in the building.
    • Family Math Nights are back thanks to PTA sponsorship.  Katie Edwards is organizing the program.  Teachers will earn credit toward classroom grants for participating.  K-1, 2-3, 4-6 on different nights in Oct and Feb.
    • Reading will be the area of focus for the building this year.  Teachers will use NWEA to focus on those that meet or exceed the standard.
    • May 19 the school district will run another facilities bond.  Anyone interested in becoming a member of a new Facilities Task Force should contact Mrs. Bormann. Will meet Mondays from 6 – 8 p at District Office.
    • 2nd Annual Fun Walk and Run will be Oct. 11 at 10 am.
  • Motion to buy 3 smart projectors for school by Andy Ss, seconded by Pam J. (1 for the new class section and 2 for the special education rooms that did not get them in the first round of purchasing.)  Approved.
  • Motion to adjourn the meeting by Amber S., seconded by Kathy W.
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September 2014 Minutes