January 2016 Minutes

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Wyoming PTA Minutes

Date: 1-15-15

Prepared by: Amber Setter

Participants — Board Members

Tina Tong, President Sara Brabec, Vice-President Amber Setter, Secretary


Kathy Wright Shelley Quillan Lynn Bormann

Andy Stoyke Jennifer Tolzmann

Participants–Members and Non-Members

Lisa Stang

Detailed Notes:

  • Pastor Ed Wheatley presented information on a fruit fundraiser
  • Meeting called to order at 6:10
  • Motion to approve November minutes by Kathy W, second, Andy S
  • Fine Dining Update – more students are recognized each month with ROAR tickets.
  • Wreath Sales – No one to present update
  • Holiday Shop – No one to present update
  • Family Appreciation – The night went well.  Attendance down this year from last.  (2014 – 400 people, 2015, 272 people)  Perhaps move date next year so it is not first Friday back.
  • Carnival — We were able to get a number of new volunteers to chair committees.  Still need help with week of school sales.  Trying to arrange shuttle parking at Maranatha.  Looking into new games for older kids.  Maybe a Wii dance off –this game would need adult supervision.  Raffle will take place.  Kids will not sell tickets–instead after school sales and at other times.  Will only bring over games we have volunteers to staff.
  • Spirit Wear – No one to present update
  • Book Fair – PTA will help organize this year as Mrs Sietsema’s schedule doesn’t allow her to be at Wyoming for enough days to hold the fair.
  • Larger storage unit — tabled until more members present to discuss
  • DQ Fundraiser – We are now using the first Wednesday of every month for our fundraiser to co-incide with the Sept. open house for 2015-2016.
  • Butter Braid Update – Lisa Stang and Stacy Jones are chairing.  Will follow dates in the calendar.
  • Spring Conference Dinner — need to check on chair.  Should be Tuesday, March 3rd for 50 people
  • Teacher Update — Kathy Wright presented a power point on Family Math Nights.  They have been very successful and new ones are scheduled. K -1 Feb 9, gr. 2 -3 Jan 26, gr. 4 -6 Feb 2.  Katie Edwards and Lynn Bormann presented Family Math night to highlight Wyoming Elementary at last board meeting.
  • Principal Update — Thanks to all of the fundraising from PTA new technology is being put into place — last remaining Smartboards; and iPads in each class are being utilized.  Peaceful bus is Feb 4, K round up is new this year.  Parents only will come at 1:30 and 6 pm on Feb 10.  New kindergarten students will come in May and shadow current K students.  Expecting 80 new kindergarteners.  Grade 5 concert is Feb 19.  School bond is going to be 2 questions.  Exact details not clear yet.
  • PTA will give 5 free carnival tickets to K round up parents along with infor about PTA.
  • Motion to adjourn at 6:52 by Shelley Q, second, Andy S.
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January 2016 Minutes