February 2016 Minutes

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Wyoming PTA Minutes

Date: 2-19-2015

Prepared by: Amber Setter

Participants — Board Members

Tina Tong, President Sara Brabec, Vice President Jennifer Brady, Treasurer

Amber Setter, Secretary

Participants –Staff

Shelley Quillan Andy Stoyke Lynn Bormann

Participants — Members and Non-Members

Lisa Stang Karen Morehead


Detailed Notes:

  • Meeting called to order at 6:03
  • Review of January’s minutes.  Motion to approve by Andy S, second, Shelley Q.
  • Treasurer’s Report–overview of budget.  Holiday Shop made unusually large profit.  Wreath sales went well.  Grade level grants are on-going for speakers.
  • Principal’s Report – Bond election will be in November.  NWEA/MAP results:  Wyoming elementary meets or out-performs district and national averages in every grade.  Conferences are first week in March. No school for spring break March 6 – March 16th including conferences and teacher development day.
  • Carnival – Still in need of 60 volunteers to run games.  Will only bring over games if have someone to run them.
  • Butterbraids – only a few forms in at this point.  Due Feb 27th.
  • Spring Conference dinner for teachers – March 3rd. Crystal Rehbine is chairing event.
  • Need a chair for last day of school celebration by May 1 for event to continue.
  • We have 17 events/activities that require parent volunteers.  Need for discussion at next month’s meeting about trimming the number of things we do to maintain volunteers for the big fundraisers that allow us to operate.
  • Discuss changing to a PTO to discontinue paying dues to state and national PTA–not receiving tangible benefits for our dues.  May increase meeting attendance.  Feeling from some parents that they shouldn’t have to pay to belong to their school organization.
  • Karen Morehead suggested looking into TEFFLA as a way to support teacher classroom requests.
  • Teacher Update – request to support Autism Awareness by giving $100-$200 for buttons/pins.  Shelley Quillan will present on this in March.
  • Meeting adjourned.
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February 2016 Minutes