March 2016 Minutes

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Wyoming PTA Minutes

Date: 3-19-2015

Prepared by: Amber Setter

Participants–Board Members

Tina Tong, President Sara Brabec Vice-President Jennifer Brady, Treasurer

Amber Setter, Secretary


Christie Hogan Jill Krautkremer Kathy Wright Diane Dummer

Lynn Bormann Andy Stoyke Deidre Held


Lisa Stang Courtney Storlie


Detailed Notes:

  • Meeting called to order at 6:01pm
  • Review of January’s minutes.  Motion to approve minutes by Kathy W, second, Sara B
  • Treasurer’s Report – overview of current budget standing.  Butterbraids even higher than last year.  Waiting for invoice for final total.  Carnival really successful, about $13,500. May 8 deadline for teacher classroom grants. Grade level speaker money still going out.  Need to be aware that we budget more spending than money coming in this year.  Had a cushion, but can’t continue to spend more than we take in.
  • PBIS update – Committee has had 6 days of training.  Rolled out the ROAR system in lunchroom and SAC this year.  Next year it will be building-wide.  (Respect, On-Task, Achieve, Responsibility) Proposal to have PTA pay for a ROA t-shirt for all students for next fall, cost $3,500 and signage to put ROAR motto in all hallways, $1,500.  Questions about whether this would be an on-going request from PBIS committee.  They hope to have PTA give money so parents pay little to none of the cost.  Proposal tabled until next meeting.
  • Deidre Held spoke to Grandparents’ Day.  Inability to make parking situation work in a tight timeframe for the fall.  Hoped to do it in spring, but too much testing to work around.  Still considering a proposal to do it next fall around Thanksgiving, perhaps utilizing shuttle buses.
  • Carnival Recap – very successful event. Raised around $13,500.  Email from Lynn asking for volunteers to sign up via internet linked worked really well.  Had enough volunteers for the event.  Changes for next year: more games for older students.
  • Fine Dining Update- change to program.  4 – 6th grade students can choose to reserve a seat for a friend at their lunch table rather than sit at Fine Dining if they would like.
  • Last Day of School Celebration- needs a chairperson.  If we don’t have one by May 1st, we will cancel the event
  • Board Nominations for 2015-2016 position.  Vote next month.
    • Tina Tong nominated for President by Amber Setter
    • Sara Brabec nominated for Vice President By Tina Tong
    • Jennifer Brady nominated for Treasurer By Kathy Wright
    • Amber Setter nominated for Secretary by Kathy Wright
  • PTA presentation – see attached presentation slides for details.
    • Current state of PTA
    • Parent membership is declining while teacher membership increasing
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March 2016 Minutes