April 2015 Minutes

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Wyoming PTA Minutes

Date: April 16, 2015

Prepared by: Amber Setter

Participants — Board Members

Tina Tong, President Jennifer Brady, Treasurer Amber Setter, Secretary


Diane Dummer Jill Krautkremer Shelley Quillen

Kathy Wright Katie Edwards Andy Stoyke

Deidre Held


Jody Hubbard Jenny Heyer Courtney Storlie

Detailed Notes:

  • Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm
  • Review of March Minutes.  Motion to approve minutes by Deidre H, second, Kathy W.
  • Treasurer’s Report – in a good position financially.  Will still be able to carry over $10,000-$12,000 to start next year as we usually do.
  • All event chairs need to put copies of all PTA fliers in all staff boxes not just classroom teachers.

PBIS Update – Signage and t-shirt request.  Would not be an on-going expense.  One-time order for fall kick off and then parents who wanted additional shirts would be given an order form.  PTA paid for School of Excellence shirts in the past.  Other buildings in district have applied for and received training in PBIS.  Signs will be permanently mounted around entire building. Roll out will be in fall.

  • Motion to purchase signs for PBIS program for up to $1500 by Kathy W, second Shelley Q.  Approved.
  • Motion to approve up to $3500 for purchase of ROAR t-shirts for a one-time expense by Andy S, second by Jenny H.   Approved.
  • Last Day of School Chair is Julie Traylor.  She will be sending out requests for parent help for the day especially clean up.
  • PTA survey – up on facebook now.  Going home in Friday folders.  Results due May 1.
  • Spirit Wear – found new company that would allow us to order year round, on-line and ship merchandise directly to homes.  Jenny Heyer’s school already uses this and will check on details.  FLAFA uses and gets 10% of sales back as profit.  Will discuss at May meeting.
  • 6th grade recognition is Wednesday, June 3rd.  Jenny Heyer and Jody Hubbard chairs have everything in hand.
  • Motion to elect full slate of board candidates for 2015 -2016 school year:  Tina Tong, President, Sara Brabec, Vice President, Jennifer Brady, Treasurer, Amber Setter, Secretary by Amber Setter, second, Shelley Q.  Approved.
  • Teacher Update – Scholastic magazine renewals.  Grade levels will turn in one request with bills for individual classrooms.
  • Katie Edwards here to speak to success of Math Nights this year and voice support for continuing next year.  Great turnout each night.  Helps create community event.  Math Nights will continue to be supported by PTA granting teacher classroom grant hours for those that volunteer.
  • Principal Update – Thank you to PTA for scholarship for Wyoming Senior.  Looking forward to possible newspaper article on Grade Level Speaker Grants.  Volunteer recognition week is this week.  Tornado drill took place today.  Six new basketball nets are going up on playground thanks to PTA donation.  Talent show is May 29th.  Track and field days K -4 May 14, 5th grade May 18, 6th grade May 20 with make day immediately following.
  • Turkey Bingo will remain an event in November next year.
  • Calendar dates for next year will be determined at May meeting.
  • Motion to adjourn Jill K, second, Jenny H.
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April 2015 Minutes