September 2015 Minutes

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Wyoming PTA Minutes

Date:September 15, 2015

Prepared by: Amber Setter


Meeting Called to Order at 6:00 pm

  • Guest Speaker, Dr Linda Madsen, Superintendent of Forest Lake Area Schools.  Dr Madsen discussed issues facing district right now.  Biggest issue is bond questions on Nov 3rd ballot.  History of the questions:  over 10 years of planning, research, committee work to determine what needs the school district has to maintain facilities.  Community members came up with the current 2 question plan that addresses major problems with school buildings.  Question 1 deals with secure entrances and safety updates to all schools.  Energy efficiency changes to save money.  Re-alignment of secondary schools to best use our facilities.  Jr highs would merge into a newly-named school (at Century) to create a secondary campus that allows students better access to classes at both buildings.  9th grade, which counts for graduation, moves to high school to be a part of the comprehensive programs and class offerings.  Southwest reconfigured to house CLC programs.  CLC is structurally beyond repair.  This plan maintains strong, community-based elementary schools.  Question 2:  Activities, arts, athletics.  Mainly deals with secondary campus issues.  Will fix unusable facilities like track and lighting in auditorium as well as add gym/field space for newly aligned high school.  Passing the bond does not mean we will have to money to maintain these buildings going forward.  School district continues to lobby legislature to provide adequate funding for schools to maintain facilities and programs.  PTA’s role is to communicate needs of district, and contact legislators to lobby for needed funds.  Funding comes from legislature and local levy.  Forest Lake local levy provides $725 per student.  Lowest in area school comparisons.  Stillwater provides $1900 per student.  Lack of funding is main issue facing the district.  Other roles for PTA, encouraging parents to connect with schools and advocate for kids.  Thanks to all technology help from PTAs elementary schools have Smartboards.  Without PTAs, students wouldn’t have this opportunity.  No plans to move to peanut-free district.  Schools have plans in place to help students with allergies.
    • Questions for Dr Madsen-
      • Will passage of bond relieve budget pressure and reduce class sizes?  Answer: No.   Bond will pay for facilities, need is still there for legislature and possible local levy to support learning programs and people that run them.
      • Is there an active no campaign? Yes.  There is a consistent number of no voters every election.  This district has historically had low parent turnout.  Fewer than 30% of district residents have children in schools.
  • Guest Speaker, Mr. Slater, Principal of Wyoming Elementary
    • Question for Mr. Slater
      • Why was phy ed cut from 5 times a week to 2 times? Answer:  Students didn’t have 5 actual phy ed classes but had gym time with 45-60 kids in the gym at the same time.  Want to give students a better experience.  Once special ed scheduling is in place, there will be time for teachers to use playground and small gym so students should have more than 2 opportunities for “gym” time per week.
      • Field Trips – district looked at field trips across all schools.  Changing to trips that are academic rather than life experience.  Want to spend school time and money on learning-based experiences.  Students should still have opportunities for 2 academic field trips per year.

Presentation by Mr. Slater – Thank you notes for all attendees to fill out. New emphasis on positive atmosphere at Wyoming this year.  Working on PBIS model of interaction for staff and students.  More information will be coming home throughout the year. ROAR tickets are part of that.


Thank you to PTA for lounge and ice cream social and support for teachers during workshop week.  Stagecoach Days was extremely successful and brought in over $1200.


90-95% of parents attended Open House.  Working to get everyone on board with new procedures for drop off and pick up.  Goal is to keep kids out of traffic at all times and keep main entrance open for special needs bus pick up and kindergarten students leaving through front doors.  North lot is for parent pick up.


Many goals for the upcoming school year.  Implementing ROAR/PBIS, differentiating instruction during TARGET time for all students, reflections on learning each day through 3-2-1 sheet, teachers using data during PLC (Professional Learning Community)time to adjust instruction to meet student needs.


There are many communication modes for the year both push out and search and find.  All parents should be receiving email, phone, Friday folders, etc.  Much info can be found via school website and facebook page. Contact him with any questions, concerns, or positive feedback.

[email protected] 651-982-8001


  • Teacher Update- Staff really appreciates the lounge and PTA support during workshops.  Fun Run is coming up Oct 10th.
  • Motion to approve May minutes by Kathy W, second by Amber S.  Approved.
  • Meeting Adjourned.


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September 2015 Minutes