October 2015 Mintues

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Wyoming PTA Meeting Minutes

Date:  October 20, 2015

Prepared By: Amber Setter

Board Members Present

President: Tina Tong Vice-President: Sara Brabec  

Treasurer: Jennifer Brady Secretary: Amber Setter

Detailed Notes:

  • Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm
  • Guest Speaker – Kathy Bystrom from Building Our Future Together Committee.  Bond proposal before district voters represents urgent needs for the community.  The process to determine what went in the bond took 10 years of task force meetings and discussions. The 2014 bond was defeated.  The new bond questions were developed by a committee of community members. Questions 1 provides security, maintenance at all buildings and a secondary campus to move 9th grade to high school and combine junior highs.  
    • Why hasn’t district maintained buildings?  Money allocated by state is about $1.5 million per year–that has to cover 11 buildings in our district.  Money hasn’t kept up with inflation.  Routine maintenance can be performed, but it isn’t enough to cover the large scale needs in the bond of re-roofing, HVAC, ADA compliance.
    • The district website has building-by-building explanations and cost breakdowns.
    • Tax Impact on a $200,000 home–at the peak of the bond Q1: $14.75/month, Q2: $2.33/month
    • The bonds lasts 30 years
    • Connect with the committee on facebook at FLBuildingtheFuture or call Kathy with questions 651-295-0900 or email [email protected]


  • Mr Slater–contact him with feedback about conferences.  Are the helpful?  Why or why not? Polaris created care packages for teachers that were delivered last week.  ROAR kick off went well.  Wyoming FIre Department led Fire Prevention week activities.  Join twitter to follow Mr Slater to keep updated on what is happening at school
    • NWEA – goal of test students is to see how students are performing.
    • FL elementary students test fall, winter, spring–looking to change that to fall/spring for the majority of students
    • Use the NWEA website to help find websites for kids to work on at home–find it in the PArent Toolkit.  Students whose parents engage them about their learning and provide opportunities for learning at home grow more and at faster rates than students who only work on math and literacy at school.
    • Goal is to get students excited about taking the test to show what they know–show their growth throughout the year
    • Contact the board/superintendent if you have strong feelings around testing


****DRAFT, to be approved at November meeting

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October 2015 Mintues