January 2017 Minutes

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Wyoming PTA Minutes

Date: January 17, 2017

Prepared by Amber Setter

Participants –  Board Members:

Tina Tong – President Chrissy Rehnberg – Vice-President

Jennifer Brady – Treasurer Amber Setter – Secretary


Detailed Notes

  • Meeting called to order at 6:02pm.  
  • Motion to approve October minutes by Jody O, second, Tina T.  Approved
  • Principal Update – Twitter is best way to stay informed about what is happening each day at school.  Ask child’s teacher if she/he has an account.  Follow the school: @Wyomingwildcats
    • Makerspace is underway.  Some grade levels are using concept consistently, slowly spreading to other grades.
    • Merry Math was super successful.  
    • Budget cuts are coming from district but won’t change a lot of the good things happening at Wyoming.
    • A lot of exciting teacher resource things happening:  in-service day with Shelley Burgess on how to Teach Like a Pirate, book clubs, skyping with other teachers/leaders.
    • Bus driver appreciation is coming.
    • I love to Read month is February.  Looking to have some grade level-specific activities similar to Merry Math excitement.
    • Will provide an updated list of needs for school–what technology needs to be replaced (smart projectors, etc.) new improvements to school environment that PTA can support.
  • Budget discussion – usually carry over $10,000 – $12,000 in account from year to year to cover fall spending.  Fundraising money does not come in until after wreath sales so a balance is needed.  We carried over more this year, which was intentional as we moved to change our fundraising to one selling event and more community-building events.  We have enough money to cover rest of expenses for the year and still carry over appropriate amount for next year.  If we want to support new improvements for school environment, activities for students or technology, we would need to do an additional fundraiser.
    • Balance of first half year / second half year major fundraising seems appropriate.  
    • One “selling” (wreaths) fundraiser per year is goal.
    • Considering a Read-a-thon for the spring.  Need to know building needs for fundraising goal. What kind of on-line support can we get–credit cards, tracking, etc. Team to organize the event.  Will discuss further as a board and with Mr Slater.
  • Holiday Shop – New event team for next year:  Jen Ritchie, Tanya Knies, Jackie Leatherman.  Board will write up event description and expectations for event to include new curriculum component.  
  • Wreath Sales – went well this year.  Slightly under projected sales.  About $11,000 profit.  Jody Oltmans is new Wreath Sales team leader.  Looking to add credit card sales and on-line component next year. Board will write up event description and expectations for event going forward.
  • Board goal for each event and board position is a clear written description of positions, expectations, etc.  Board will meet February 21st to begin this process.
  • Spring Conference Dinner – Crystal Satnik will lead this event.  Teacher dinner will be at school by 3:30 on Tuesday, February 28th.
  • Teacher Appreciation – Need a team leader to organize this activity. Will take place in April so it doesn’t conflict with ABCs at the end of the school year.
  • Last Day of School – LIsa Peterson has offered to lead this team.  She will contact Mr Slater to plan together.
  • Epilepsy Foundation fundraiser – would like to move date to coincide with Earth Day drop off.  (Epilepsy pays us based on weight of soft goods donated.)  Tina will contact Foundation about date change.  Need to get more clarity around costs for Earth Day item pick up.  Looking to have families take a shift at Epilepsy Truck throughout the day.
  • Teacher Update – popcorn is going well.  Shift to google form helps clarify needs for the day.  Cost is way down thanks to volunteer shopping– thanks to Jodi Halweg and Angie Stebleton for running this.
  • Next parent meeting is March 21st.  Hope to have someone give construction update for Wyoming and jr/sr high.  Possibly Steve Massey.  Amber will contact.  Also at March meeting present changes to bylaws and discuss open board positions.  Board positions and job descriptions will be posted at beginning of March.
  • Motion to adjourn at 7:25 by Amber S, second Jen B.


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January 2017 Minutes